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Advantage Seamless O-Ring Steel Lips Fun With Adjustable Leather-based Band

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition O-Ring Fun

Type a brand new arena of submission with this naughy O-Ring fun. This beginners-friendly fun services limited metal O-Ring linked to two durable PVC straps. The bands conform to compliment many models, pulling the band tight and keeping the mouth area available wide. You’re in power over whenever as well as how usually your lover talks. and that which you manage now could be your responsibility! O-Ring fun Diameter: 1.9 in. (4.8 cm)

First Time Fetish O Band Gag

Opened the mouth area greater for the First Time Fetish O Ring fun. This bondage mouth area fun is sold with 3 interchangable O-Rings to achieve the perfect healthy.

Bound By Diamonds – Open Up Ring Fun

Fetish playwear with 3 interchangeable band sizes and adjustable cinch band. Exquisite diamond details. 80per cent PVC, 10percent Polyester, 5percent Stabilizer,5% Agonist (strap), Phthalate free PVC (rings),Iron (d-ring), metal (clasps), Quartz Sands (diamonds). Nickel-free. Strap changes to 32 inches / 81 cm, 1.75 inch / 4 cm (smaller ring), 2 inch / 5 cm (average band), 2.25 inches/ 6 cm (big ring).

O-Ring Fun

Create and say aaah. Bondage enjoy wouldn’t be comprehensive without a fun to silence their willing submissive. Wiccan dating This black colored fabric O-ring gag holds your mouth ready to accept a number of perverted possibility. This SADOMASOCHISM gag is ideal for people who have difficulties with ball gags because this fun offers extra ventilation than ball-style gags for simpler respiration. Dimensions: mini: 1.125 inches media: 1.375 in Large: 1.625 inches

Silicone O-ring fun

A vintage O-ring gag with a twist! This throat discipline is made of smooth, vegan-friendly silicon for optimum benefits. A 2a€? high O-ring sits in this delicious piece, and small, silicone men include adorned along the bands to add dimension to the luxurious throat gag’s dark, brooding visual. A wonderful post of bondage products to own- the silicon O-ring restraint is so velvety soft- their submissive is bound to beg so that you could lock it on.

Items Detailsa€? manufactured from allergen-free silicon and nickela€? Vegana€? Adjustablea€? very easy to cleana€? complete length: 22.5″ w/ 6.75″ of adjustability

Silicone Lips Open Lips Gag

Build a sexy lipstick fantasy making use of the Silicone mouth open lips gag Wrap your own mouth across gag and protect utilizing the changeable vegan leather-based band with buckle closing “

Stern Leather-based Ring Gag

Simple and drive, this black leather-based ring gag characteristics a material O-ring wrapped in thin fabric. It’s sealed with a cinch strap which pulls the ring tightly into the mouth keeping they open. The straps are adjusted and guaranteed by looping all of them through the two D-rings. 3 dimensions to alternative from. small-1.25 ins in diameter, medium-1.50 inches or large-1.75 ins or extra-large; 2.05 inches interior diameter, 2.65 inches outer diameter

Fetish Fantasy O Band Gag And Breast Clamps

Ensure you get your lover to start wider and express ahhhh because of this nps. The gag comprises of a little steel O-ring wrapped in leather-based, connected with two strong leather-based bands. Two chained breast clamps maintain your hard nipples perky, and coated clamps easily conform to match your preferred stress. The leather-based bands adjust to healthy many sizes, pulling the band fast and keeping the throat open greater. You are in control of whenever and how often your lover talks. everything manage further can be you!

Jennings Oral Mouth Fun

The Jennings oral mouth area Gag are a medical device employed by dentists and oral surgeons keeping mouths available during examinations and procedures. Made from metal with a matte complete, they ways 5.5 inches from end to end. The largest environment try 2.5 ins. This fun is used in BDSM gamble maintain a slave’s mouth open minus the concern about getting bit.

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